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Blair Erickson

Blair Erickson

is a technologist and creative director whose work spans entertainment fields from film, television, video games, interactive virtual worlds like Second Life, Google Lively, and PlayStation Home. He wrote and directed the Netflix distributed thriller “Banshee Chapter,” history’s first feature released in virtual reality.

Kia Mia

Kia Mia

Creator, and research director. Has been serving as a Community Development Director for FBBA.io and Web3CFL.com since 2017. Her work growing community locally and social outreach has been invaluable in the early stage growth of Central Florida’s Web3 community. Continues to hold love local events to spread Web3/Tech/VR-Gaming awareness.


Research & Development

Similar to the impact of gaming, virtual reality (VR), AI, and the Metaverse  is rapidly revolutionizing the vast realm of entertainment. While numerous endeavors in this field may remain confined to experimental stages, individuals have already discovered enduring methods to captivate, influence, and deeply engage users through the thrilling medium of VR. Whether it’s addressing social anxiety, providing unprecedented visual experiences, or simply offering exhilarating gaming encounters, VR has firmly established itself as a permanent fixture in the industry.


Interactive AI Development

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